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Wedding dance for you !

Get married stress-free! We’ll be there for you . . .

. . . to make sure that you’ll not miss the critical steps on the best day of your life!

  • Special courses and intensive instruction for soon to be married couples.
  • A large comfortable dance area.
  • Experienced teachers.
  • Special prices for couples.
  • We teach all kind of dances (Latin, Ballroom and Greek dances).

Experience the sheer thrill!

Choreographed Wedding for the wedded couple from EURODANCE!

Over the last 30 years, Eurodance studios have been leading the way in preparing couples for a unique wedding first dance experience.

To find out all that you need to know for a spectacular Wedding First Dance, please take a look at the Choreographed Wedding First Dance Scenarios from Eurodance studios!

Are you unsure which song to choose for your Wedding First Dance? You can make your choice from our extensive compilation of some of the most beautiful songs ever.

Γαμήλιος χορός

Experience the sheer thrill of a professionally choreographed wedding first dance, performed with dazzling expressiveness and style. Draw rounds of thunderous applause from your guests and amaze them with your dance skills!

The setting
The choreography will be “staged” under the inspiring guidance of acclaimed dance teachers from the Athens and Corfu based EURODANCE studios, which provide the ideal setting for your wedding dance, with a purpose-made dance floor, state-of-the-art sound equipment, lighting effects and dance mirrors affording a panoramic view.

Your wedding first dance song
Τell us your favourite song and we will set up for you a professionally choreographed Wedding First Dance, which will

  • Meet the exact dance objectives you decide to set your sights on
  • Set off to best advantage your wedding dress through carefully arranged dance moves and body postures

Wedding Dance Lesson Vouchers

  • Wedding Dance Lesson Vouchers for the couple:

An original, perfectly useful gift for the couple: a dance voucher for their wedding first dance. You just buy a package of open-dated private dance lessons and the couple can use them at a time of their choice.

  • Wedding Dance Lesson Vouchers for the best man/woman:

A dance voucher for the best man/best woman will surely make them stand out at the wedding reception with their dance skills – much to the delight of your guests and the success of your function.

The Athens & Corfu EURODANCE studios – dance schools, are all set to greet you and teach you some of the most beautiful moves to match the most beautiful moments in your life!

The most beautiful moves,

             for the most beautiful moments in your life!

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