Performances – Exhibitions by EURODANCE studios


Christmas performances – exhibitions EURODANCE

A formal occasion when we get …dressed up to celebrate with a live band in luxury reception halls at the best hotels in Athens.


Carnival performances – exhibitions EURODANCE

What better than a masquerade ball for fun and laughs?


Summer performances – exhibitions EURODANCE

In the spirit of …getting away and recreation, EURODANCE organizes an overnight excursion out of Athens every summer which is happily combined with a brilliant dance exhibition and luxury hotel accommodation.


The best excuse to dance!

The holistic teaching methods at EURODANCE in the fields of Latin, Ballroom as well as Greek dancing are reinforced by perfectly organised annual performances – exhibitions, each with its own special character, depending on the occasion!

Σχολές χορού Eurodance

The success continues!

Exhibitions by EURODANCE:

Enjoy an experience full of fun and learning!

Old and new EURODANCE students have the chance to try out their skills by taking part in wonderfully choreographed performances, surrendering themselves to the magic of dance as professionals do!