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2005 Χριστουγεννιάτικη εκδήλωση σχολή χορού EURODANCE studios

As a university professor I was really able to appreciate the teaching methods enforced at EURODANCE and have remained a faithful student for many years. A.A. EURODANCE student

Here the student finds a friendly family atmosphere where he or she is taught correctly. In this way one manages to overcome the humdrum of everyday by expressing oneself though dance. Only then does one’s heart become the means for directing one’s body A.L. EURODANCE student

sxol_xatzipIn dance I have discovered a secret language to speak from the depths of my soul… It also helps me keep my body and spirit alive… Nothing can make me change that anymore. I trusted EURODANCE and everyday serves as a reassurance that I made the right choice! Ch. P. EURODANCE student

“Jane Austin wrote “To be fond of dancing is a certain step towards…. love” love…..of movement………of life… …..of whatever deserves our love…..whatever the answer may be, you can be sure that at EURODANCE, we learn to dance and dance well!. A.B. EURODANCE student

Seriousness and professionalism are rarely found in teaching, these days. EURODANCE however fulfills all expectations. I am absolutely satisfied by my experience here and that’s why I’ve remained loyal to the school these past 17 years. A.P. EURODANCE student

I had one of the most beautiful experience in your dance school. I want to thank you for the Fun-experience and the very good level of your classes!!! V. D. EURODANCE student

In Eurodance everyday living is transformed into utopia: Magic shows through reality that has long become stagnant and stale. Bright clothes and sparkling eyes shine on the dull backdrop of the city. A moment’s daydreaming gets hold of the body and soul. Spectators and protagonists all at once. We share a world of beautiful people that no-one can take away from us. D. K. EURODANCE student

Dance pleases the soul, refines the spirit and develops light airy movement in the body. The dancer becomes one with the harmony of the universe. Come enjoy, feel, unite with the beat of your heart in a swirling eddy under the professional guidance of the experienced instructors at EURODANCE. M.A. EURODANCE student

The teachers and my fellow students at EURODANCE are, for me, a much loved family. P.G. EURODANCE student

Student comments

Your choice honours us and fills us with pride!


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